Healthcare Manager Mastermind

striving to achieve big things, but feel like you're going it alone?

Life as a Healthcare Manager isn't always easy.

Whether you're working in a hospital, aged-care or practice environment, life as a Healthcare Manager can be a tough gig.

It can be isolating. Peerless at times.

It can be hectic. Little down-time and always on the go.

It can be hard to step away. To switch off or schedule time for you.

So, when was the last time you had a holiday?  Spent quality time with family or friends? Or did something just for you?

If you are striving to achieve big things at work, at home or in your health, I wan't you to know that you don't have to go it alone! 

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Your life can be exactly what you imagine it to be

Would a support network of women, just like you, who are also striving for big things be the breakthrough you're looking for?


Hi. I'm Jody Bund and I have over 13 years experience leading my own successful coaching and consulting business. I've worked with hundreds of Healthcare Managers and I know there's so much more to life than achieving big things on your own.

Are you ready to start living the life you've always imagined it to be?

Great. Let's make this year about you!


The Healthcare manager mastermind

This is an exciting opportunity to join a 6-month virtual mastermind program for women in healthcare management. Women with big dreams, drive and determination.
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this unique virtual program will give you

  • Access to an expert coach for individualised advice, accountability and motivation
  • Access to a peer network for support
  • Monthly group mastermind sessions to present your ideas, workshop your challenges and determine actions for change
  • Founding membership to the private Healthcare Manager Mastermind Facebook group
  • Health and wellbeing podcasts to deepen your thinking and strengthen resilience
  • A Weekend Mastermind Retreat in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula to refresh and reset
  • A clear goal setting framework to map out your vision and determine your priorities
  • A suite of planning and business management resources to support your professional growth
  • A personalised life-plan to keep you focussed on moving forward - at work, at home and in health.

Is the healthcare mastermind program for you?

The Healthcare Manager Mastermind is for you if you're a woman in a healthcare management position with big dreams, drive and determination. 

It's for you if you're wanting to try something completely new or if you’re looking to complement other professional development activities this year. It's for you if you’re reading this page and feeling your body buzz with excitement.

It's for you if you're pondering the different women you'll be introduced to and the real-life issues and challenges you'll be able to tackle. Not to mention the opportunities that will come your way, to explore and grow. 

The Healthcare Manager Mastermind Program is for you if you can visualise yourself surrounded by like-minded women leading the way in healthcare.

Is it sounding more and more like something you'd love to be part of?

I'd love you to join the crew, but, numbers are limited.

The 2019 program is currently in progress. However, we'll be running another program in early 2020 and I'd love to chat with you if you think this might be something for you. You can schedule a Mastermind Enquiry call at the bottom of this page. 

As your Coach, I'll lead you through a comprehensive Mastermind Program that will allow you to:-

Discover what is most important to you in life + at work + in health

define your professional + personal goals for the future 

identify issues + roadblocks that are getting in your way

safely share thinking + communicate with confidence

take action + relfect on outcomes

Create a life plan + create a better you

Let's re-cap. Here’s what you’ll get:

Plus you’ll also get...

To hear from lifestyle experts sharing invaluable information about how you can achieve your goals and become a better version of you.

Access to a wide-range of planning and business management resources to help you bring strategy, structure and systems into your work life. 

Expert advice and motivation to keep you on track. 

join the healthcare manager mastermind and learn from others   

In my own entrepreneurial, personal and professional life, I've so much from others. I've learnt that I don't have to go it alone. I have learnt that a virtual learning environment can be phenomenal and you just have to give it a go yourself to find out. 

I've had the privilege of learning from some of the best online entrepreneurs there is and I'm truly excited to be bringing my vision for this virtual mastermind program for Healthcare Managers to life. It's going to be awesome! 

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Here's what other Healthcare Managers have to say about working with Jody..................

.....There’s a perception that once a Manager is in the role there’s no need for external input. But to the contrary, working collaboratively with someone who understands the issues and has the experience to help implement change was crucial to the ongoing success of our business.  Jody not only helped me improve business systems, she also gave me more confidence in my own management style. If you’re thinking of working with Jody just do it, it will be money very well spent.  MS CARYS INGRAM, GENERAL MANAGER SMART ORTHODONTICS

.....Such a great experience, professionally and personally. Giving and sharing of your time, knowledge and laughter. I can't rate this experience highly enough. Thanks Jody! MS WENDY PEARSE, PRACTICE MANAGER ADELAIDE ROAD CLINIC

.....The number one thing I enjoyed most about Jody's coaching was her support. Having someone who was supportive but impartial to our business issues and someone to troubleshoot ideas with was great. As a result of working with Jody, I have increased confidence in having difficult conversations and our business has improved. An excellent business investment. MS KIRSTY MCQUEEN, PRACTICE MANAGER BLACKWOOD CLINIC

.....The best part of coaching was the one-on-one sessions and just being able to bounce things off Jody on a regular basis. It really helped me. MS JOANNE O'REILLY, PRACTICE MANAGER HYDE AND PARTNERS

.....Regardless of how long you have been a Manager the support provided by Jody was invaluable in assisting me to clarify, prioritise and efficiently work towards achieving results.  Jody’s skill at identifying and working with my personal strengths and weaknesses provided me with support, while challenging me to achieve set goals both at work and personally.  Sometimes we just need another person to give us the impetus to achieve, and Jody definitely did that.  MS DEB DOCKING, PIONEEER MEDICAL CENTRE

about your coach, ms jody bund

2004 was my entree into the wonderful world of healthcare. Landing a Business Development  role with the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency (RDWA), I was tasked with leading a team of staff and external consultants to enhance the business functions of healthcare practices. During this time, I met so many people who were unbelievably committed to their roles, their patients and their communities and it didn't take me long to realise that healthcare is where I wanted to be.

With a strong entrepreneurial flair and a passion for supporting others to achieve success, it was inevitable that I would eventually find myself leading my very own coaching and consulting business - in healthcare!

Today as a certified Coach with qualifications in Commerce, Training and Assessment, Practice Management and Fitness, I offer something quite unique to those I work with. Delivering business, leadership and lifestyle coaching through a suite of virtual programs, my days are now spent supporting others to set clear goals, rise above their biggest challenges and take control - at work, at home and in their health.

As a mum to three beautiful children, I also understand, first hand, the constant juggle of successfully managing work-life, home-life and finding time for oneself. What I've learnt is that whilst it's not always easy having someone to support you, someone you are accountable to, is critical to achieving long-term success.

Now, I'd love to help YOU achieve success!


C'mon let's achieve big things together in 2020

program investment: $2,598 inc. gst

or 6 monthly instalments of $433 (VIA ezidebit) 

want to know more?

Contact Jody Bund to chat about how joining the Healthcare Manager Mastermind program will help in life, at work, in health this year.

Still thinking?

I get it

This is a big decision but if you're feeling, deep down, that this is the right time for you, 

I'd truly love to work with YOU!

Click below to book in your Mastermind Enquiry Call and let's get to know each other further. 


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