Having worked alongside hundreds of clients, often in difficult or sensitive circumstances, I’ve learnt how to quickly establish a strong rapport right from the outset. It’s because of this that I always feel like a valued business partner, rather than an outsider.

I’m genuinely interested in the challenges, tributes and triumphs of all those I work with, and wherever I can, I look to positively contribute to their success.

With a reputation built on well-established and continuously growing professional networks, including current and past clients, collaborative project partners, and professional colleagues I can say with confidence that my services will add immeasurable value to your healthcare business.


But don’t just take my word for it

Here’s what some of my previous clients have had to say…

"Jody’s role in our practice has been transformative."

We knew we needed a review of our practice operations, but Jody’s work has had much greater breadth and depth than we thought possible. Her pleasant, caring, efficient manner made the whole process interesting, rather than difficult. The careful analysis and useful guidelines that Jody presented following the review were also invaluable. She took a hands-on approach to dealing with the urgent needs that were identified and we were extremely happy with the way she managed the recruitment of our new manager. I highly recommend Jody’s services to any healthcare practices needing not just extra support, but a strategic partner.

"I have increased confidence and our business has improved."

The number one thing I enjoyed most about Jody's coaching was her support. Having someone who was supportive but impartial to our business issues and someone to troubleshoot ideas with was great. As a result of working with Jody, I have increased confidence in having difficult conversations and our business has improved. An excellent business investment.

"The best thing about working with Jody was the broader thinking she brought to the table. Her collaborative approach, support, encouragement, project management skills, and professionalism all made the experience a hugely worthwhile investment."

Personally, I had absolutely no hesitations in engaging Jody, but it wasn’t quite so easy convincing management to fund a consultant. There’s a perception that once a Manager is in the role there’s no need for external input. But to the contrary, working collaboratively with someone who understands the issues and has the experience to help you implement change was crucial to the ongoing success of our business.

Jody is able to see the strategic vision for the business and break this down into actionable tasks for staff at all levels. She has a fabulous broad knowledge and fit right in with our team, but she can also have the tough conversations if necessary. Jody not only helped us improve our business systems, she also gave me more confidence in my own management style. If you’re thinking of working with Jody to improve your healthcare business just do it, it will be money very well spent.

"I’ve worked with many consultants and advisers over 30 years of running a business, but I have never experienced someone of Jody’s capabilities."

Jody came highly recommended and was able to put me at ease from our first chat. She seemed to have insight into our needs right away and understood the struggles we were having. Jody took initiative and gave us answers very quickly.

I felt I could trust that she had the required information and I didn’t have to worry about chasing her or checking anything. She efficiently got the results I needed (most I didn’t even know I needed!) She took over for me in areas I struggled with due to lack of knowledge and being very time poor, which took a lot of stress off my shoulders. Jody gets to the point and gets the job done!