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Empowering female private practice owners to embrace new opportunites in business and lead with confidence

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embrace change To achieve a more BALANCED AND HEALTHIER

life you love

Feel like you’re struggling to keep it all together?

With stress levels peaking at work, neglected connection with family or friends or, maybe you’re just putting yourself on the back burner (once again!) and finding it hard to improve your health.

Achieving balance in your work, life and health can be a seriously tough gig!


Empty. Exhausted. STUCK.

This is no longer an option!


As a leading Life and Health Coach for women, I'll take you through my structured coaching programs to help you determine what's most important to you, to set clear goals, to overcome challenges and embrace change with confidence.

Serious about making


Are you ready to...

Rise up?

here's How we can work together

About - Life Plan


Let me be your Life+Health Coach.  Adopting the NeuroLeadership Institute’s brain-based coaching methodology, I'll support you to deeply understand the challenges you're experiencing right now, to set clear goals and safely explore the changes you need to take to achieve success in your work, life or health.

About - Kickstart Health


Let me be your Coaching Business Mentor. Mentoring in the planning, promotion and launch of your health coaching business I'll bring strategic insight, commercial acumen and professional connections you'll need to establish a solid business foundation and attract your ideal clients.

About - Start Dream Business


Let me be your Speaker or Facilitator. Delivering an inspiring keynote address or half day workshop entitled 'Careared - navigating life when career and motherhood collide', I'll ignite the room with energy, positity and fun and share my simple work-life health system for achieving success.


“It’s not all about a dream. A dream on its own, it’s just not enough! It's all about the intention. To plan, make informed decisions, strengthen connections and consistently take action. Time to turn your dream into reality.”

Jody Bund, life and health coach

Testimonial - Corrine Allison

"I cannot recommend Jody highly enough to anyone who wants to make sustainable and considered change in their life or work – or both! I attribute a large part of my success in my first year of business to Jody’s support and guidance. Her ability to be my biggest champion, nudging me gently, cheering and holding me accountable from the sideline as she celebrates with me winning in life and business."

Corrine Allison, mindset & business coach 

Testimonial - Joanna Riely copy

"Such a great experience, personally and professionally.  Giving and sharing of your time, knowledge and laughter. I can't rate this experience highly enough. Thanks Jody!"

Deb Docking, healthcare manager

ready to live a life YOU

truly love?

Get started by assessing what’s most important to you right now.

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