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As a busy woman, it can be a real struggle to bring it all together - juggling parenting, managing a household, being a supportive partner, kicking goals at work, and - heaven forbid - taking some time to focus on you and your health. Life - it’s a seriously tough gig!

But, once you choose to live intentionally (and get an Accountability Coach on your side), you can totally do it! 

Through my suite of virtual coaching programs, I provide the tools, resources, and support to help you gain clarity, get consistent, and take action to achieve long-term success - in your life, your health, AND

your business.


Hi! I'm Jody Bund, and I’d love to help YOU

I’m a mum to three beautiful children and have been a self-employed coach and consultant for over a decade, which means I COMPLETELY understand what it’s like to be busy. 

I’ve constantly struggled with the demands of life, building a business, supporting others, and being present for my family and those I love. It’s not an easy gig. 

Since 2003, I’ve been inspiring, coaching, and educating thousands of women to rise up and improve their lives, their health, and their businesses. Through workshops, roadshows, reviews, retreats, discussions, dinners, and drinks (of course), I’ve worked with some of the most AHHMAZING people and now......

I’m here for



The busy woman story…

You’re busy - I know. Trust me, I’ve walked in your shoes! I’ve left the house in a state of disarray, I’ve forgotten kids’ lunches, I’ve missed appointments, I’ve gone months without exercising - I’ve even had a ‘sick day’ to catch up on sleep and clear the mess in my head. I understand the feeling of being lost, watching the days blur into one, dreaming of being more present and, having time to do the things I love - like this👇

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i've experienced guilt. BIG TIME.

Unhappy. Unhealthy. Lost.
It was no longer an option.

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For me, it all changed when I decided to start living with intention - focusing on the things that were most important to me.

My family. My health. My business. MY LIFE


Over the years, I’ve made some ‘sliding door’ decisions that have positively impacted my life and my health. The first was back in 2015, when I decided to explore the virtual coaching world. 

Shifting my focus to supporting clients virtually was pretty bold, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve created so much more freedom to balance life, work and family, and I’ve learnt so much about myself along the way. 

Have I created my personal vision of success? Yes! was it easy to gain clarity and get where I am today?

Hell, no!


The second big life decision for me came in 2019 when I decided to embark on a new way of living and push myself to do something new. It was all about being intentional in my health

Back in January 2019, I couldn’t run more than one kilometre straight. I was tired, foggy and my zest for life just wasn’t great. I had sore joints and my body generally ached.

I embarked on a health journey that completely changed my life

For way too long, I’d been left to manage gut issues, which had been misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), all on my own. I knew things had to change. 

After some research and talking to those who’d been on a similar path, I decided to give the LTLA Weight Loss Program go. 

and now, I get to share this

with you.

I learnt about principles of good gut health. I learnt about my body. I learnt about my mind. I learnt about digging deep during times of temptation, and how to rise up and push through. I learnt about clean eating and was completely inspired in the kitchen with quick, easy and tasty foods, and get this…I lost over 10 kilos!


The biggest win? My 1km run became 5km. Then it was 10km, then 20km, and in November 2019, just 10 months after embarking on my LTLA journey, I crushed the New York City Marathon. It was seriously up there as one of the best days of my life!

Here’s a snapshot of this
special day


Hell, yes! But I’m also the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been, and I’m living on my terms.

Ready to start living
on your terms?

Book a call with me and find out just how soon you could get there!


My vision...


If you haven’t worked it out by now, my vision is to create a community of women who are DAMN proud of who they are, and who know exactly where they’re heading in life.

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It's your time!

No matter how chaotic your life is, how unhealthy you’re feeling right now, or how confused you are about the way forward, as your Accountability Coach, I will help you find time for you. 

Through my virtual accountability programs,

you’ll learn to take a step back, recognise the REAL problems, and create a plan for positive change - in your life, your health, and your business.

Are you ready to...

About - Life Plan

Create your
life plan

Get clear on exactly what you want and where you are headed through my Rise Up In LIFE Program.

About - Kickstart Health

Kickstart your health and lose weight

Create a clean, vibrant lifestyle through my Learn to Live Again Program.

About - Start Dream Business

Start your
dream business

Gain the freedom and flexibility that comes with running your own virtual business and join our Coach Collaborative Team.

With me as your Accountability Coach,

you’ll rise up above the chaos and emerge feeling DAMN PROUD of who you are and where you’re heading.

Others have done it, and now it’s your time.

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So why do I do what I do?

Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s pretty simple - I get a real buzz out of helping others CRUSH IT! For me, there’s nothing better than receiving a message from a client I’ve worked with sharing their success.

This is SO not about me


It’s all about them.
I know that at the other end of every message is a woman with a bubbling feeling of happiness, achievement, and success. They’ve done the hard work, and they’re proud of themselves.

As an Accountability Coach for Women,
there is seriously nothing better than this.

Check out these messages of gratitude from a few of the powerhouse women I’ve worked with.


Who doesn’t LOVE a fun fact?

I know I do, so here are a few things you didn’t know about me

Fun Fact 1

I MUST wear socks to bed.

Fun Fact 2

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Paris.

Fun Fact 3

After having three kids, I still have ‘issues’ when I skip.

Fun Fact 4

I hide chocolate around the house (shhh…) 

Fun Fact 6

I LOVE a good Gin + Soda with a squeeze of fresh lime.

Fun Fact 5

In my younger years, I would stash ciggies in my bedhead.

Fun Fact 7

My favourite exercise is the plank. Yes, seriously.

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Get started by assessing what’s most important to you right now.

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