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Hey! I'm Jody Bund.

I’m a certified life coach, speaker, low-carb lifestyle lover, wife and mum to three gorgeous kiddos.

I'm also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and member of the International Coach Federation with qualifications in commerce, training and assessment, practice management and fitness.

For the past 15+ years, I've supported hundreds of busy, professional women to create the change they need to have the life they love.

the life you love!


embrace change with confidence. 

With the landscape of ‘life’ shifting on a daily basis, that old cliche rings truer than ever.

Change really is the only constant.

And right now, despite your best efforts to move forward, take consistent daily action, and keep everything on track...

...embracing change is proving to be TOUGH.

Maybe you've been struggling at work and you're ready to hit the reset button, find more balance and reduce the stress...

Or maybe you've lost yourself in the chaos of life and you're seeking guidance and support to move forward...

Or perhaps you've neglected yourself for too long and you're ready to flick the lifestyle switch and seriously focus on your health...

Either way, if you're tired of going it alone and so over feeling stuck, I'm here to help you take the steps you need to embrace change with confidence.


to help you!


live the life you love 

Creating the life you truly love is an ongoing journey, and it means something different to everyone.

Maybe for you it's about better managing the demands of work, or maybe you want more quality time for family and friends or maybe, its all about finding personal happiness and achieving improved health.

Whatever your vision for life looks like, it's not always going to be easy. What I do know though is that the effort, the time and the committment towards change, will be worth it.

And, it all starts with your decision to move forward with intention and, focussing on what's most important to you right now. Only when you prioritise your dreams and your goals, can you be the best person for embrace change with confidence.

Let me help YOU get started.

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over the years I've navigated my own big change

work. life. health
It's been challenging but an  exciting ride.

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For me, it all changed when I decided to embrace change. to live with intention, have better connections and focus on MY PERSONAL VERSION OF life SUCCESS. getting laser focussed on the things that were most important to me. 

My life. My work. My health.


I entered the coaching world in 2004, achieving the Results Life Coaching Certification and landing the role of Strategic Business Coach for a rural workforce agency in beautiful outback South Australia. Leading a team of staff and consultants, I worked to enhance the business functions of rural healthcare businesses. 

For over a decade I worked really hard. I lived the life of the 'juggling' working mum. Managing work, managing home and trying to do it all. Prioritising others, neglecting myself. 

Why? Because I thought this was what life was all about. 

Fast forward 15 years, three kids and an emotional roller coaster of life events .......I realised my health was suffering after years of trying to manage everything on my own. I was tired and stretched too thin. My days were so full up helping others, I didn't have the energy or clarity I needed for my own happiness and health. 

The big lesson?


Focussing on myself allowed me to better serve and support others.  I took time to reset my life and health. I set goals, made changes at work, reduced stress, took control of my health, found motivation, lost 10+ kilos,  gained so much energy and crushed the New York City Marathon, one of my biggest achievements so far!

This is exactly how I can help you! No, I won't ask you to run a marathon (unless you want to!) but I'll support you to explore and cast off all the things that no longer serve you - and help you to confidently embrace the power of life and health change.

Through my suite of virtual coaching programs I provide the tools, resources and support to help you gain clarity, create a plan, and prioritise yourself.

I'll empower you to embrace change and start living the life you love.

In my coaching career so far, I've supported some of the most AHH-MAZING women, and now I'm here to help you.

for you!

ready to start living a life you love?   



Book a zoom call and let's chat about how you can get started 


My vision...


If you haven’t worked it out by now, my vision is to create a community of women who positively embrace change to live the life they truly love.

As a certified Coach for Women,
there's seriously nothing better than this.

Check out these messages of gratitude from some of the the beautiful women I’ve coached and supported over the years. 


here's some of the big questions we'll discuss 

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How happy are you with your work life and, what's your next big step?

Success Through Soul


What's great about your life right now and, what areas need some serious work?

Success Through Self-Care


What's your daily lifestyle like and, how do you see your healthiest self?

together we've got this. 

with me right by your side you’ll rise up and EMBRACE CHANGE IN YOUR WORK, life and health WITH CONFIDENCE. 




No matter how busy, frustrating or confusing life might feel right now, there's a way forward - and if you're ready I'm here to guide you through it.

every step of the way,

ready to live a life YOU

truly love?

Get started by assessing what’s most important to you right now.

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